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City Report: Encinitas tackles bicycle safety, homelessness, Surfer’s Point

Encinitas City Hall. (North Coast Current photo)

City Report is a new monthly addition to the North Coast Current and OsideNews.

During the September meetings of the Encinitas City Council, several important issues were discussed, including bicycle safety, homelessness, and financing the acquisition of Surfer’s Point.

Encinitas Mayor Tony Kranz said that the most critical issue addressed during these meetings was the continuation of the conversation about bicycle safety, as the city is currently operating under a local state of emergency for bicycle, e-bicycle and motorized mobility device safety due to the increasing number of reported bicycle collisions.

The city declared the local state of emergency with the intention of drawing awareness to the matter, as indicated on the city’s website. Initially, the state of emergency was scheduled to be terminated on Sept. 30. However, Kranz announced an extension through the end of the year during a meeting on Sept. 27 as their work continues.

City Report: EncinitasVarious initiatives were discussed to improve bicycle safety, such as collaborating with traffic engineers to implement additional bicycle facilities and increasing the number of certified trainers for bicycle safety. Kranz commended newly hired city mobility manager Nick Buck’s actions regarding this topic.

Encinitas, Vista address homelessness together

Additionally, on Sept. 27, the city signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the city of Vista to address homelessness in the community and establish a navigation center. Kranz noted that homelessness is an ongoing issue for the city, and this decision is a big step in the right direction to address this problem.

He mentioned that the city’s Homeless Action Plan is a forward-looking document that Encinitas is actively working to implement.

Kranz acknowledged that the community has expressed frustration and a strong desire for steps to be taken to address homelessness, but he emphasized that it is a complex issue that cannot be fixed overnight.

“They are anxious for some steps to be taken to reduce it, but it’s just not going to happen that quickly,” he said.

In May, Encinitas received Permanent Local Housing (PLHA) grant funds totaling $936,264 for five years. These funds are primarily intended to establish the Buena Vista Creek Navigation Center in Vista, but they will also be used for supportive case management services, rapid rehousing and street outreach, as explained by Patty Anders, planning manager for Policy and Housing.

Surfer’s Point land purchase moves forward

Furthermore, the mayor confirmed that the city owns the property at the northeast corner of Highway 101 and La Costa Avenue, commonly known as Surfer’s Point.

The city discussed the financing of the acquisition of Surfer’s Point for the first time on Sept. 20.

Kranz also emphasized the importance of having a strong financing strategy to replenish the city’s reserve funds.

“It is very important that we have a good strategy for the financing to replenish our reserves, so we are moving forward on that,” he said.

The council authorized the acquisition of the property and designated Kranz as the signatory on all documents related to the purchase of the property on behalf of the city, according to the city’s website.

For additional information on these issues and others, visit the city’s website.

Bicycle safety, homelessness, and financing the acquisition of Surfer’s Point were the three most important issues of September from the mayor’s perspective. The next regular City Council meetings will be held on Oct. 11, 18 and 25.

Alysse Dodge is a local freelance writer.