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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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A portrait of American financier John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, painted by Fedor Encke in 1903. (Creative Commons image)

Historically Speaking: The banker who saved America 

Tom Morrow March 22, 2023
In lieu of today’s current financial climate in Washington, D.C., reviewing a bit of national banking history seems to be in order. Today, as it was yesterday, there always seems to be light at the end of a very long financial-ladened tunnel.
Community. (Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash)

Education Matters: Carlsbad tackles Diversity Equity Inclusion plan

Marsha Sutton March 17, 2023
Ethnic and racial studies programs have been labeled cultural indoctrination simply for attempting to help children understand the brutal effects that hate speech, bullying and harassment can have. Helping children understand this, and providing support to those victimized, are worthy lessons that kids need now more than ever.
Part of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C., pictuted in December 2018, represents the depths of the Great Depression. (Photo by Sonder Quest via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: From riches to rags to world leadership

Tom Morrow March 11, 2023
As “dire” as you think things are today in 2023 with our inflation-ridden life, in general could be worse ... and they were just throughout the 1930s. Hopefully, we won’t repeat those days, but somehow history has a way of repeating itself.
The Robert E. Lee mansion, pictured in March 2022, forms a backdrop at Arlington National Cemetery. (Photo by Chad Stembridge via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: The mansion above Arlington National Cemetery

Tom Morrow February 23, 2023
High on a bluff overlooking Arlington National Cemetery is the southern mansion of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. As Union casualties mounted during the Civil War, officials in nearby Washington, D.C., thought it fitting that fallen Federal soldiers be laid to rest on General Lee’s estate. However, the story is a bit more involved.
Homemade energy bars are a good way of using less-expensive bulk items for an affordable, healthy treat. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Energy bar recipe part of bulking up to keep food budget down

Laura Woolfrey Macklem February 7, 2023
The grocery game of creating a bountiful pantry with a frugal approach is always profitable, lulls concerns of shortages, and provides more spontaneous creative freedom in the kitchen. Even with rising grocery prices, you can still eat up the savings.
The Palomar Observatory, located in northeast San Diego County. (Photo by Kevin Hudnell, iStock Getty Images)

Historically Speaking: The eye on the sky right in our back yard

Tom Morrow February 4, 2023
There’s little doubt that among our younger generations there are a great many who are unaware that the one-time world’s largest astronomical telescope is located on nearby Palomar Mountain, which is less than an hour’s drive from the North San Diego County communities of Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos or Escondido.
Holiday presents. (Photo by Clint Patterson via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: Christmas of yesteryear in the Midwest

Tom Morrow December 27, 2022
Another Christmas has come and gone, which takes me back more than eight decades of my life. I recall the anticipated booty that never appeared on the dreamscape during my 1940s and early ’50s. Of course, in those days, what toy land wonders we didn’t know about weren’t missed.

Point of View: All the news that’s fit to copy and paste

Roman S. Koenig December 14, 2022
Encinitas has an odd reputation for being a home base of questionable news websites. Since 2021, we have a third — and it’s troublesome enough that the city of Encinitas has put a disclaimer about it in the footer of its own website.
Roasted butternut squash is ready for use in a variety of dishes. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Season offers lots of reasons to fall for butternut squash

Laura Woolfrey Macklem November 15, 2022
Butternut squash might be tan and plain on the outside, a real ho-hum in comparison. But underneath is a brilliant orange flesh surpassing the flavor of all others. Roasted, zoodled or steamed, cook with it and you will fall for butternut squash.
Election Day. (Photo by Element5 Digital, Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: 2024 could amount to another election debacle

Tom Morrow November 12, 2022
Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden should retire and step aside for fresh talent from the Republican and Democratic parties. Such leaders would pump fresh air into a present-day stodgy political atmosphere.
A coyote is pictured at Point Reyes National Seashore in October 2021. (Photo by YS via Unsplash)

EarthTalk: Get used to coyotes staying in urban environments

Dylan Stoll November 12, 2022
As many experts agree, the coyote is an incredibly adaptive animal. This evolutionary advantage has kept the species not only surviving but thriving in response to human expansion. This is one of the reasons the coyote has prevailed where other species have faltered and why their sightings have only increased along with urbanization.

Point of View: What does it mean for a reporter to take a ‘hit’ for the team?

Roman S. Koenig November 7, 2022
A threat against a journalist for attempting to take the temperature of local politics warrants exposure and response.
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