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With a deep, spiced flavor and soft crumb, this homemade gingerbread load the perfect holiday breakfast treat. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Looking to bake some gingerbread? Snap to it with this recipe

Laura Woolfrey Macklem December 17, 2021
My gingerbread loaf recipe, though, is a much-anticipated treat and baked in ornamental pans. With a deep, spiced flavor and soft crumb, it’s the perfect holiday breakfast treat.
Butternut bacon pasta pairs well with a side salad. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Butternut bacon pasta squashes pumpkin

Laura Woolfrey Macklem November 11, 2021
Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy pumpkin and it’s employed in my kitchen in the fall and winter. But butternut squash is something I use all year because it doesn’t depend on heavy fall spices to lift the flavor. Pumpkin has to be gussied up, while butternut squash naturally can stand alone.
Toppings take this homemade enchilada soup to divinity status. Creamy avocado sprinkled with lime juice and salt, crisp tortilla strips, spicy sliced green onions and fragrant cilantro make this soup a fiesta in a bowl. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Slow cooker enchilada soup is a tasty fall flavor

Laura Woolfrey Macklem September 30, 2021
With fall and school starting, soup is on the mind of home cooks, often looking to the slow cooker for quick, comforting meals. There’s nothing like a bubbling pot of soup waiting for you after a busy day when fall hits. And even if it doesn’t feel like fall outside for you, the vibe is everywhere, so why not join in?
Smoked baked beans with jalapeño and bacon are sweet, spicy, smokey, and will dominate as the favorite at any gathering. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Smoked beans are a scrumptious summer staple

Laura Woolfrey Macklem July 30, 2021
Smoked baked beans with jalapeño and bacon are sweet, spicy, smokey, and will dominate as the favorite at any gathering.
Homemade pizza is not only a nutritious offering, the ingredients can be prepped in advance for a quick lunch or dinner option. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Great dough key to pizza done right

Laura Woolfrey Macklem June 28, 2021
For years, I’ve been in search of the perfect pizza crust. My goal was a chewy, sturdy crust that could withstand a mountain of toppings and a thick pool of sauce. The trick is a crust with an easy bite but strong enough to meet my family’s appetite for ample toppings. It’s a versatile, trusty workhorse to dazzle your family and friends.

Education Matters: Humes ousted — wasting taxpayer money the union way

Marsha Sutton June 11, 2021
Demands for special and recall elections in the San Dieguito Union High School District are a contemptible union power grab and unconscionable waste of public money. Hopefully, constituents will see these divisive tactics for what they are.
Quiche. (Photo by Angèle Kamp via Unsplash)

Preserved Home: Quiche is a dish for everyone, and everything

Laura Woolfrey Macklem April 30, 2021
Quiche might conjure up thoughts of froo-froo French cooking for light appetites, but it’s actually a humble dish and a perfect receptacle for hearty leftovers.

Education Matters: What they’re paid

Marsha Sutton March 11, 2021
With the understanding that public education exists to put student interests first, the public needs to know what teachers earn, how superintendents receive increased pay, and what might need to be cut from student services in the future to accommodate regular and often massive wage increases.
Homemade corned beef ready to cook. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Homemade corned beef, flavored to your liking

Laura Woolfrey Macklem March 11, 2021
Not only is homemade corned beef frugal, but you can cater the brine to match your tastes, and the quality is superior to anything found in the grocery store. Also, it’s fun to make.
Start with fresh cherries. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)

Preserved Home: Cherries your valentines will love

Laura Woolfrey Macklem February 5, 2021
Out of all the fruit I’ve dehydrated, cherries are now my favorite. Chocolate-covered or not, cherries come out on top.

Education Matters: Understanding the dangers of national strife

Marsha Sutton February 5, 2021
We look to our children for hope. Let us provide guidance to young people so they can work toward a better future and help mend national strife and divisions that today seem insurmountable.
Oats. (Photo by Anshu A, Unsplash)

Preserved Home: Prepare your own oats for a healthy new year trend

Laura Woolfrey Macklem January 1, 2021
When people think of oatmeal, they think of a drab breakfast offering. But with some creativity, oats can be an exciting addition to your mornings — a healthy new trend of your own.
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