News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

North Coast Current

News online for Encinitas, Calif.

North Coast Current

The train tracks near the Encinitas commuter rail station are pictured July 16, 2022. (Photo by Laser1987, iStock Getty Images)

Point of View: Recent railroad deaths need serious attention, not social media theories

Roman S. Koenig April 10, 2024
The reasons for this year’s increase in deaths along North San Diego County’s train tracks might be tougher to ascertain in the short term, but what our communities don’t need are loose theories and crass comments about the victims.
Jack White, who grew up in Oceanside, is among San Diego’s noteworthy broadcasters, having worked for KGTV Channel 10 for more than three decades. (Courtesy photo)

Historically Speaking: The night one magic master met another

Tom Morrow April 10, 2024
For those who don’t know it, the late KGTV Channel 10 news anchor Jack White not only was a class act as a news reporter, but he was a master magician as well.
Homemade brown-and-serve dinner rolls are convenient and allow for a variety of topping options. (Photo by Laura Macklem)

Preserved Home: Roll recipes to serve you and your family well

Laura Macklem March 19, 2024
Put aside gluey, expensive store-bought rolls and buns for homemade to make quick dinners extra special, it will serve you well.
Donner Peak in Truckee. (Photo by Jeff Hopper via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: Truckee and Des Moines, the history behind the names

Tom Morrow March 19, 2024
There’s a good deal of obscure city names scattered across America that are derived from either native inhabitants or from early 17th and 18th century French explorers and trappers. Here are two more examples: Truckee and Des Moines.
The Betsy Ross Flag flies outside of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. (Photo by Dan Mall via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: Betsy Ross, an original American patriot

Tom Morrow February 21, 2024
In case you missed this particular class in third grade, let me tell you about a true American patriot: Elizabeth Griscom “Betsy” Ross, who was born Jan. 1, 1752.
Conventional chemical pesticides are less effective today, and all-natural versions are turning out to be a better solution. (Photo by Alexas Fotos, Pixabay via EarthTalk)

EarthTalk: Consider natural alternatives for pest control

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss February 21, 2024
Natural pest control has become increasingly popular given the slew of health and effectiveness issues with conventional pesticides derived from synthetic chemicals.
Editions of the North County Times and U-T San Diego show the evolution of the papers’ merger. (North Coast Current photo)

Historically Speaking: Communities lose with end of daily newspapers

Tom Morrow January 19, 2024
Today, there are far fewer journalistic eyes and ears monitoring all levels of our government since the demise of our local newspapers. We always end up deserving the kind of government we’ve allowed to take place.
These ‘bioplastic’ cups such as these can only be composted in an industrial composting facility, studies report. In most cases, they end up in landfills because they can’t be recycled. (Photo by Brian Yurasits via Unsplash)

EarthTalk: Breaking down the reality of compostable plastic

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss January 19, 2024
In recent years, there has been a global movement to pressure corporations into becoming more eco-friendly. One of the most frequent measures taken by these companies is limiting the use of single-use plastics and replacing them with so-called compostable plastics.
Not only are sugared cranberries a stunning addition to a charcuterie board, they can dazzle the top of a holiday dessert or bob in a holiday cocktail. (Photo by Laura Macklem)

Preserved Home: Sugar-frosted cranberries are dazzling, versatile

Laura Macklem December 14, 2023
Cranberry enthusiasts employ this seasonal berry in creative ways including cranberry salsa, mustard, syrup, liquor, and as a meat sauce. However, the most impressive way to feature fresh cranberries is to frost them with sugar.
Holiday presents. (Photo by Clint Patterson via Unsplash)

Historically Speaking: Christmas of yesteryear in the Middle West

Tom Morrow December 14, 2023
Thoughts of the approaching 2023 Christmas take me back more than eight decades of my life. I recall the anticipated booty that never appeared on the dreamscape during my 1940s and early ’50s. Of course, in those days, what toy land wonders we didn’t know about weren’t missed.
The San Dieguito Union High School District offices in Encinitas. (Google Street View photo)

Education Matters: Defining a woman

Marsha Sutton November 21, 2023
With every trustee praising the potential for conflict resolution in the often divided San Dieguito Union High School District, which has been plagued in recent years with heated dissension, a unanimous vote to approve what the district is calling the One San Dieguito Initiative was anticipated. That is, until one trustee asked the National Conflict Resolution Center president for the definition of a woman.
A northern spotted owl. (Photo by Jennifer Helen Seeman, iStock Getty Images)

EarthTalk: 30 years later, how is the northern spotted owl faring?

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss November 21, 2023
The northern spotted owl faces a web of challenges from habitat loss to invasive species, but ongoing conservation efforts underscore a collective commitment to securing their survival.
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