Expect challenging, enriching year of the snake

Barbara Basia Koenig

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2013_COLUMN_KOENIG_B_smallerHappy New Year, and welcome to the Chinese new year of the Black Water Snake on Feb. 10. Before you throw the covers over your head and decide to sleep this one out, let’s look on the bright side. The world did not come to an end with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar on Dec. 21. We did not go over the so-called fiscal cliff that threatened our economy on Jan. 1.

But what might happen in the ominous sounding “Year of the Black Water Snake,” which begins Feb. 10? Here are some things we might like to look forward to this year, based on observation of the snake’s nature.

First, the good news:

Because snakes prefer solitude and a safe space, issues of personal privacy will probably be more important than ever this year. More meaningful and personal interaction will be favored over Internet social networking sites, which will become less popular. Social events such as dinner parties will increase, and more personal written communication will be enjoyed, with an increase in the use of snail mail for cards and letters.

The snake sheds its outer layer, and maybe that influence will help some of us to finally shed some extra pounds more easily. Also, many will release the past so healing can finally occur. Snakes are symbols of healing on the medical Caduceus. Healing brings transformation, and a new you can emerge this year.

The snake focuses on its target and is seldom distracted. Use this energy to begin a personal plan or start a system to attain some goals, which should be ones that show progress along the way to attainment – such as growing a savings account or paying down credit cards. Attaining small goals leads to attaining greater goals.

Snakes like protection, so many of us will change or seek environments that provide for secure safe spaces in which, and from which, to work. The Black Snake favors dark clothing, and many will wear black this year because of its powerful and authoritative energy for quiet transformation and introspective spiritual work.

Now, for the not so good news:

Snakes are unpredictable, can strike quickly, and without warning. Sudden changes and sometimes violent events are apt to occur, which can shake our sense of security at work, at home and in relationships.

If we walk our pathways with determination, and use our analytical skills as well as innate intuition, we will conquer fear and make slow and steady progress in overcoming any adversity. Things can be accomplished, problems can be solved, and fresh starts can be pursued if we start our journey of a thousand miles with a single step: start each day with a positive thought.

To think in a positive way, even in troubled times, clears a path to the transformation that the snake offers – especially the Black Water Snake – which gives us access to depths of consciousness and awareness usually known only to wizards.

Barbara Basia Koenig is an Encinitas artist and personal counselor