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For Prop. A: Initiative will help preserve community character

Your “yes” vote on the Right to Vote Initiative, Proposition A, is the most important vote you will cast since we incorporated the city of Encinitas in 1986.

Your vote will decide if Encinitas retains its small beach town ambiance or becomes a victim of high-rise buildings and urbanization.

“No” on Proposition A represents the exploitation of our city land-use policies by special interests and out-of-town developers. “Yes” on A supports our General Plan, which is our constitution and guards our quality of life.

Proposition A – Pro / Con

Editor’s Note

In an effort to foster constructive debate on the merits of Proposition A, the Encinitas Right to Vote Initiative, the North Coast Current invited members of the public on both sides to contribute perspectives in a pro/con format. In keeping with pro/con tradition, the “pro” side of the argument is presented first, followed by the “con” side. The order of these perspectives does not indicate particular favor by the North Coast Current. This piece represents views in support of Prop. A. Community commentaries are solely the opinions of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the North Coast Current or other individuals or agencies involved in the debate.

“Yes” on Proposition A will:

  • protect our natural resources such as lagoons, watershed, riparian and wildlife habitat, natural vegetation and bluffs;
  • guarantee residents the final say on major zoning increases in density and building heights;
  • uphold and reaffirm our General Plan’s 30-foot, 2-story height limit;
  • curb the proliferation of cars, noise and pollution;
  • protect community character;
  • keep growth compatible with our infrastructure: water, sewage, fire, beach use, parks, etc.;
  • improve public notice of developments prior to a public hearing from 10 days to 20 days;
  • increase notice requirements from 300 to 500 feet for surrounding neighborhoods.

And to dispel some myths and misinformation, “yes” on Proposition A:

  • will not infringe on existing property rights;
  • will not override the Municipal Code that enforces lower height limits in residential zones and for accessory units;
  • will not affect development harmonious with existing zoning;
  • will not prevent compliance with state mandates;
  • will not allow 30-foot accessory units 5 feet from your property line.

None of the Right to Vote amendments interfere with the Coastal Commission approved Local Coastal Plan.

Specific Plans: We have four of them in Encinitas. These are overlays to target specific areas in the city for enhancement. The three-story projects (over 30 feet) that have been built under the Specific Plans are grandfathered in. Proposition A reaffirms and supports the General Plan’s maximum height limit of 30 feet or two stories, which is what the founders of this city envisioned to keep our small beach town character.

With Proposition A, you can decide if a three-, four- or five-story project has a public benefit and vote for it. Developers will have to propose higher-quality projects in order to win voter approval, which would be a public benefit for all of us.

You vote you choose you decide on the kind of city you want for yourselves and your children.

“Yes” on Proposition A, the Right to Vote Initiative, is supported by resident volunteers representing all five communities who know this city and want Encinitas to continue to be where people love to live, love to visit, and wish they were living. Ask anyone we’ve built a very special place. Please vote to keep it that way.

Visit this website:

Sheila S. Cameron is a former mayor of Encinitas. Olivier Canler is a New Encinitas community activist.


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For Prop. A: Initiative will help preserve community character