EDITORIAL: Cardiff’s kids are all right, but what about the adults?

North Coast Current

It appears some adults may have switched places with children in Cardiff.

In an ongoing dispute over the status of a park in the construction zone of Cardiff Elementary School, vile posters and banners chastising a local woman for her supposed “hatred of children” have appeared.

Eleanor Musick, an outspoken member of Save the Park and Build the School, and a party involved in a lawsuit seeking protections of the park’s public access, is the target of the vitriol. Photos of the posters appeared on social media just days after the start of the new year.

At issue is whether the Cardiff School District is abiding by the language of voter-approved bond Measure GG and already-established agreements regarding George Berkich Park, which is located on the property.

After a San Diego Superior Court judge ordered a stop to construction in November until a further court order or a new environmental impact report is completed, supporters of the school demolition and reconstruction took to Cardiff streets.

The lawsuit and protest — and the arguments in between — are American democracy in action. Posters on neighborhood streets declaring “Eleanor Musick HATES KIDS” and reports of alleged vandalism directed toward Musick, however, are another thing.

Ironically, one poster equated Musick to President Donald Trump — “Eleanor & Trump: kid-hating BULLIES.”

In ordering a halt to construction of the new Cardiff Elementary School, Judge Earl H. Maas stated that the Cardiff School District likely “breached the accountability requirements set forth in Measure GG by constructing improvements not authorized by Measure GG.”

Park controversy aside, that piece of Maas’ ruling alone could give taxpayers pause. For the moment, however, the case itself takes a back seat to the poor behavior on display on Cardiff streets in recent days.

Cut the immaturity. Be a good example for the children of Cardiff.

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