Letter: Blakespear a proven leader as Encinitas mayor

Having lived in Cardiff-by-the-Sea for 25 years, I remember when the Encinitas City Council was like a dysfunctional family, led by a small cabal of closed minded, backstabbing and spiteful council members who traded favoritism for votes and were oblivious to the voices of the greater community.

But when Catherine Blakespear was elected to the city council in 2014, and as mayor in 2016 and  2018 (with 83% voter approval), she provided leadership that allowed for diverse opinions, public input, inclusiveness and transparency. That’s why all of the current Encinitas elected City Council members — and numerous other local leaders — are supporting Blakespear’s reelection.

Throughout her years of service, Mayor Blakespear has proven to be a hands-on mayor who digs in, does her homework, knows that the devil is in the details, listens to all sides, and has a clear vision for the community she serves. Trained as an attorney, she is a critical thinker who uses her professional skills to vigorously analyze what are often complex issues. As a result of her leadership, Encinitas is one of the safest, financially stable and environmentally friendly cities in California.

The small band of opponents to Mayor Blakespear’s reelection have a vision for Encinitas based on a nostalgic, romanticized view of the past and a bias against change. They protest the City Council isn’t “listening” to them. In fact, their views — vigorously expressed to the council — were not in line with the majority views of Encinitas citizens and were rejected by an often unanimous City Council.

Like most cities, Encinitas currently faces extraordinary challenges that go way beyond fixing potholes. It’s the wrong time to replace a mayor who is a proven leader — and extraordinary public servant — with someone without any governmental experience running on a platform of disgruntlement.

Richard Hicks
Oct. 23, 2020

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