Encinitas eateries can get funds to implement foam container ban

In letter, city and Surfing Madonna Oceans Project offer reimbursements to ease costs of new ordinance


Under a new Encinitas ordinance, food must be in containers that do not contain polystyrene foam. (Photo by Oliur Rahman, Unsplash)

North Coast Current

The city of Encinitas and Surfing Madonna Oceans Project have joined forces to assist local businesses in applying the city’s new ban on polystyrene foam food containers, the city announced Feb. 1.

The city will match funds donated by the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project for one-time reimbursements to establishments for the purchase of non-foam products, the city stated in a letter to Encinitas restaurants and other food providers. Businesses can receive up to $400 based on a timeline.

Qualified businesses have until July 1 to apply for reimbursement, according to the city.

The ordinance, which was approved last year and went into effect Dec. 16, bans the use of foam containers in Encinitas and includes a six-month grace period for establishments to fully comply, the city announced.

The grace period ends June 16.

The city outlined three levels of reimbursement, according to the letter:

  • Maximum $400 for alternative products purchased before Feb. 28
  • Maximum $300 for alternative products purchased before March 31
  • Maximum $200 for alternative products purchased before April 30

Business that fall under the foam ban must submit an application for reimbursement, which is available on the city’s website at http://www.ci.encinitas.ca.us/index.aspx?recordid=1548&page=30.