Expert IDs white shark as species in Encinitas attack off Beacon’s


Emergency lights. (Ariel Camilo, FreeImages)

North Coast Current

An expert has confirmed that the shark responsible for a recent attack off Beacon’s Beach in Encinitas was a white shark, the city announced Oct. 10.

The attack happened early morning Sept. 29 as 13-year-old Keane Hayes was freediving at the start of lobster season. The shark injured Keane at the left shoulder.

Forensic analysis of DNA taken from the Keane’s wetsuit confirmed the attack was by a white shark, Long Beach State University Shark Lab Director Dr. Chris Lowe reported.

The confirmation follows eyewitness statements suggesting the likelihood of a white shark as the special responsible, according to the city’s announcement.

“Shark bite incidents are exceedingly rare considering the number of people that use southern California waters, but people do need to be aware that the fall season is a time when more large juvenile and adult sharks may be moving along the coast,” Lowe said in the city’s announcement.

In addition to testing for the species of shark involved in the attack, Lowe assisted Encinitas lifeguards since the incident by sharing information about white shark movements and behavior, the city stated.

Keane is recovering at home after being hospitalized. A GoFundMe campaign has been established to help cover his medical bills.