Encinitas City Council appoints Kellie Shay Hinze to fill vacancy


Kellie Shay Hinze makes remarks during the Encinitas City Council meeting Jan. 9 ahead of a council vote appointing her to fill a vacant seat. (Photo by Scott Chatfield)

North Coast Current

The Encinitas City Council selected Leucadia 101 Main Street Executive Director Kellie Shay Hinze on Jan. 9 to fill a vacant seat on the panel.

The seat was left open after Councilwoman Tasha Boerner Horvath was elected to the state Assembly last November.

Council members reached their decision after hearing from applicants for the position in addition to nearly 30 public comments. Applicants included longtime resident Tony Brandenburg, a former judge and city planning commissioner who ran for the district representing Olivenhain in November’s City Council election, and real estate broker Susan “Susie” Nancarrow Glenn.

In her remarks before the City Council’s vote, Hinze discussed her experience in Encinitas civic affairs, specifically her work as executive director of Leucadia 101 Main Street. The organization works with the city of Encinitas, Leucadia merchants and regional partners to promote the interests of Leucadia businesses and community revitalization.

The city is in the midst of undertaking the Leucadia North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape project with the goals of adjusting traffic flow, improving pedestrian access and safety, and enhancing the route’s aesthetics.

“I possess a clear understanding of each of our city’s strategic goals, the progress made to date, as well as the next steps ahead for each respective component,” Hinze told the council during her remarks.

In the days leading up to the City Council’s vote to appoint a new member, some residents in social media circles expressed concern over a potential conflict of interest with Hinze’s consideration.

Hinze told the council and audience that she would resign her position with Leucadia 101 Main Street if she were chosen for the City Council.

“If selected for this position, I will step down from my role as executive director with Leucadia 101 MainStreet,” she said. “This has not been an easy decision.”

In her remarks, Hinze said she looked forward to bringing younger voices into the city’s political process.

“As a demonstrated young leader and organizer within our community, I will continue to motivate people of all generations, but especially younger citizens, to share a voice and become more active in civic participation,” she said.

Hinze will be sworn in by City Clerk Kathy Hollywood. A ceremony is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on Jan. 16.