Water restored, repairs underway after line break in Olivenhain


Construction and repair. (Photo by Rudy Skitterians, Pixabay)

North Coast Current

Work is underway to repair erosion and other damage on a roadway in Olivenhain after a water line break June 12, resulting in a cut to service for several homes, the city of Encinitas reported.

A contractor working for the city accidentally hit the lateral line, a pipe that transports water from a home out to a city’s sewer system at the street, which required cutting water to 12 homes in the area for repair, the city reported. Water service has been restored.

The flood led to erosion outside the roadway and damage near the intersection of Peppertree Lane and Rancho Santa Fe, the city stated. The contractor is working with the local agencies and affected residents to assess and repair the damage.

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