Encinitas, Scripps Institution continue to monitor Beacon’s bluff slide


Beacon’s Beach access in the Encinitas community of Leucadia is shown in a 2017 photo. (Encinitas city photo)

News Release

The city of Encinitas and Scripps Institution of Oceanography staff continue to monitor the bluff failure at Beacon’s Beach.

There appears to be continued minor movement on the slope, causing additional distress and damage to the trail. No movement has been reported in the parking lot or sidewalk.

City Notes logo.Weekly monitoring will continue for the next few months. Once no more movement is detected, city geotechnical engineers will make a recommendation to for potential remediation. The city is seeking an emergency permit from the Coastal Commission for the temporary closure of the trail and parking lot, and for the monitoring equipment.

On May 2, the northern portion of an existing historic landslide at Beacons Beach reactivated and moved downslope to the west. The movement created numerous visible cracks in the existing slope, as well as damage to the existing access trail from the Beacons parking lot downslope to the beach.

Seismic monitoring equipment has been installed throughout the bluff area which records seismic activity on a daily basis and provides data to Scripps and the city. The data is critical as it will assist the city’s geotechnical engineer in assessing the situation to determine a path forward with a safe plan for a potential reopening. In the meantime, temporary fencing and signage have been placed both above and below the bluff area to warn of the recent landslide activity and to keep beachgoers safely out of the area.

Beacons Beach bluff access will remain temporarily closed during the observation period.

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