LETTER: Time for some new faces

It is time that the Encinitas City Council have some new faces. Mayor Jerome Stocks has had his time at the public trough long enough. But just whom should we select to act as our best representatives? I offer the following for your consideration.

In general, I am personally opposed to any of the nine names on the ballot who reside in the small, narrow-minded communities (Old Encinitas and, most notably, Leucadia and Cardiff) because they do not see the overall picture for Greater Encinitas and still have not gotten over their minority role in the future progress of the city. Their resentment at being part of Encinitas dictates much, if not all, of their agenda. Their desire to perpetuate some rustic, undeveloped, kitschy beach town simply pales in the need to intelligently progress into the 21st century. In addition, the bloc of Tony Kranz and Lisa Schaffer (supported by a group of single-minded backers with their own agenda) would only mean more and continued discord and disharmony at City Hall.

I recommend Mark Muir for re-election because he is reasonably intelligent and brings some continuation to the new council. For new faces, I suggest Bryan Ziegler for his youthful enthusiasm – long lacking in the conduct of our city’s business – and Kevin Forester for his experience and ability to compromise – another talent missing on the council for too long.

Harry Eiler

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