News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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Scholastic Surf Series Results from October 18-19, 2014

Oceanside CA– The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Association (WSA) launched the 2014-15 season with San Diego Middle School Division 1 and San Diego High School Division 1 & 2 on Saturday & Sunday, Oct 18 & 19 at the Oceanside South Jetty. Great weekend for waves and weather as our summer weather continued with 2 to 4 foot waves, great conditions and warm water.

(courtesy photo)

Oak Crest Middle School dominated the Boys Shortboard Final by slotting 5 surfers into the final. A lot of smiling faces at the end of the event enjoying their first finals to start the season along with receiving sunscreen product provided by our new sponsor, Surface Sun Systems.
Thank you to our sponsors for your support: Body Glove, Ecowater, Hoven, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club, Sima Corp., Sticky Bumps, SuperBrand, Surface Sun Systems, Standard Graphics, Wave House, and the WSA. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director, at 760-518-2727 or email . Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at You can also check out the Scholastic Surf Series website at for a current schedule of all SSS events in California.
To see a photo gallery from the weekend click [here]

Team Results

Division 1
Carlsbad ‘A’ 80 defeated La Costa Canyon 57
La Jolla 73 defeated Point Loma 56
San Dieguito ‘A’ 83 defeated Torrey Pines “A” 40
Division 2
Canyon Crest 48 defeated Oceanside 33
Carlsbad ‘B’ 58 defeated Torrey Pines “B” 26
San Dieguito ‘B’ 53 BYE Win

Individual Results

scholastic_surf_series_26v_osidenewsMens Shortboard
1. Keoni Betanzos, Point Loma
2. Remi Juboori, La Jolla
3. Grayson Amthor, San Dieguito
4. Ethan Grant, Carlsbad
5. Tanner Ford, La Jolla
6. Shane Freyberger, San Dieguito
Mens Longboard
1. Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito
2. Austin Sonnier, Torrey Pines
3. Trevor Anderberg, San Dieguito
4. Matt Allen, La Jolla
5. Ben Goldstein, Carlsbad
6. Logan Foster, San Dieguito
Womens Shortboard
1. Annie Abicca, San Dieguito
2. Paetyn Parman, La Costa Canyon
3. Alayna Tomlinson, Torrey Pines
4. Olivia Nattrass, Canyon Crest
5. Maile Davis, Carlsbad
6. Chloe Griffin, San Dieguito

Womens Longboard

1. Maya Harrison, La Costa Canyon
2. Isabella Gilchrist, La Costa Canyon
3. Ava Verbrugghen, La Jolla
4. Maddie Perrault, La Jolla
5. Karla Killeen, San Dieguito
6. Sierra Gasperoni, San Dieguito
Coed Bodyboard
1. Sean McElroy, Carlsbad
2. Charlie Rouse, Carlsbad
3. Austin Killeen, San Dieguito
4. David Schlacter, Torrey Pines
5. Kellen Andrews, La Costa Canyon

(courtesy photo)
(courtesy photo)

Results follow:

Team Results-Div 1

1. Oak Crest 247
2. Muirlands 238
3. Valley 133
4. Aviara Oaks 106
5. Coronado 90
6. Diegueno 85
7. Correia 84
8. Earl Warren 66
9. San Elijo 56

Individual Results Div 1

scholastic_surf_series_27v_osidenewsBoys Shortboard
1. Levi Slawson, Oak Crest
2. Zach McCormick, Oak Crest
3. Noah Slawson, Oak Crest
4. Jackson Butler, Oak Crest
5. Judd Henkes, Muirlands
6. Koby Gilchrist, Oak Crest
Boys Longboard
1. Koby Gilchrist, Oak Crest
2. Noah Slawson, Oak Crest
3. Cole Quinlan, Coronado
4. Lorenzo Villela, Muirlands
5. Judd Henkes, Muirlands
6. Logan Meyers, Valley
Girls Shortboard
1. Sydney Tisdel, Aviara Oaks
2. Tiare Thompson, Muirlands
3. Kiersten Noonen, Earl Warren
4. Kira Stanley, Muirlands
5. Charlie Davey, Muirlands
6. Janie Overland, Oak Crest
Girls Longboard
1. Tiare Thompson, Muirlands
2. Olivia Censopalo, Valley
3. Maddie Devilbiss, Aviara Oaks
4. Kirra Stanley, Muirlands
5. Sydney Zoehrer, Coronado
6. Erin Reilly, Diegueno
Coed Bodyboard
1. Tommy Capps, Valley
2. Logan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
3. Jacob Kelly, Muirlands
4. Patrick Root, San Elijo
5. Mitchell Caulfield, Earl Warren
6. Chase Rodi, Correia

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Scholastic Surf Series Results from October 18-19, 2014