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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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Scholastic Surf Series San Diego High School Division, Results

Grayson Amthor, San Dieguito Academy— Photo by: Sheri Crummer

San Clemente CA— The San Diego High School Division 1 and 2 Surf Teams completed event number 4 of the season at San Clemente Pier on Sunday in small clean waves in the morning to poor and drained out tidal conditions in the afternoon. With one event left for the season it comes down to the 2 top teams – Carlsbad and San Dieguito Academy – to face off for the title at the 5th and final event of the series at the February contest in Oceanside.
The only person that seems to have a lock on a division title is Sean McElroy from Carlsbad in the Bodyboard Division with 3 wins. After that the spotlight for number one is shared in all other divisions.
Division Winners for this event were: MSB Grayson Amthor, San Dieguito, MLB Trevor Anderberg, San Dieguito, WSB Elle Sampiere, Torrey Pines, WLB Lexi Vartessian, La Costa Canyon and BB Charlie Rouse, Carlsbad.
The SSS is proud to welcome our newest sponsor, Firewire Surfboards, to our support team. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their support of the SSS – Body Glove, Ecowater, Firewire Surfboards, Hoven Sunglasses, Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club, Sima Corp., Sticky Bumps, SuperBrand, Surface Sun Systems, Standard Graphics, Wave House and the WSA.
For further information, check out the Scholastic Surf Series website at or contact Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at [email protected].

Team Results

Division 1
San Dieguito “A” 91 over Point Loma 41
Carlsbad “A” 82 over La Costa Canyon 53
Torrey Pines “A” 73 over La Jolla 55
Division 2
Canyon Crest Academy 54 over Oceanside 36
Carlsbad “B” 50 over San Dieguito “B” 42
Torrey Pines “B” BYE Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Grayson Amthor, San Dieguito
  2. Jonah Pierce, Point Loma
  3. Shane Freyberger, San Dieguito
  4. Jason King, Canyon Crest
  5. Cole Clisby, San Dieguito
  6. Brett Naudin, San Dieguito

Mens Longboard

  1. Trevor Anderberg, San Dieguito
  2. Austin Sonnier, Torrey Pines
  3. Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito
  4. Ben Goldstein, Carlsbad
  5. Owen Whitfield, Torrey Pines
  6. Matt Allen, La Jolla

Womens Shortboard

  1. Elle Sampiere, Torrey Pines
  2. Peyton Slater, Carlsbad
  3. Alayna Tomlinson, Torrey Pines
  4. Annie Abicca, San Dieguito
  5. Maile Davis, Carlsbad
  6. Olivia Nattrass, Canyon Crest

Womens Longboard

  1. Lexi Vartessian, La Costa Canyon
  2. Ava Verbrugghen, La Jolla
  3. Julie Shuman, La Costa Canyon
  4. Elle Sampiere, Torrey Pines
  5. Emma Wilson, Canyon Crest
  6. Nicole Pazanowski, San Dieguito

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Charlie Rouse, Carlsbad
  2. Kellen Andrew, La Cost Canyon
  3. Garret Lewis, Torrey Pines
  4. Austin Killeen, San Dieguito
  5. Matt Bennett, Oceanside
  6. Sean McElroy, Carlsbad
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Scholastic Surf Series San Diego High School Division, Results