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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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Local Wrestlers Shine in Various San Diego Section Tournaments


Rancho Buena Vista takes 2017 San Diego Section Division I Tournament

By David Willauer
-contributing writer

San Diego County CA— The Following schools with the team points along with the current performers at the D I San Diego Division I Wrestling Tournament that was held at Otay Ranch High School.

  1. Rancho Buena Vista 199.0 Riley Clonts 3rd at 108, Oscar Nelis, 1st at 115, 3rd Place – Oscar Granados of Rancho Buena Vista at 122, Anthony Mendez 3rd at 134 , Bernard Truax 1st at 140 Hunter Roberson at 147Joseph Moreno 8th at 154 Aethen Escamilla 6th at 162 Rodrigo Huerta 3rd at 172 Mario Albarron, 8th place at 197 Nathan Bates 2nd at 222, Fabian Pena 7th at 287,

  2. San Marcos 181.0 1st Place – Erik Marquez of San Marcos at 122, Christian Navida 2nd at 128, Nathan Navida, 1st at 132 Kymani Yamao 3rd at 140 Tate Shoemaker 7th at 162, Kalani Sorensen 1st at 184 Merceles Esquez 3rd at 222 Enrique Galicia 3rd at 287

  3. Vista 179.5 Killian Perrigon 5th at 108 7th Place – Conrad Giles of Vista at 122, Matt Le 4th at 128 Calev McMahan 5th at 128, Jovani Venegas, 2nd at 134. Brian Kelly 4th place at 140 Johnny Miller 2nd at 154 Elijah Davis 1st at 162 Bransun Forgione 7th at 172 James Amador 1st at 197 Chris Crawford 4th at 222, Nathan Ledesma 4th at 287

  4. El Camino 142.5 Jaden Doan, 6th at 115, Dan Gonzales, 5th at 134 Nate Lucio 3rd place at 147 Malachi Chavira 1st at 154 Marco Senteno 5th at 162 Drew Clark 5th at 162 Omani Hernandez 2nd at 184 Jacob Obergfell 4th at 197 Nehemiah Williams 5th at 222 Nick Parker 8th at 287

  5. Mission Hills 96.0 Alfonso Cruz 6th at 108, Aria Mazroy, 2nd at 115 8th Place – Jonathan Colorado of Mission Hills at 122 Javier Guzman 8th at 128 Marco Senteno 4th at 162 Nathan Toms 2nd at 172 Jonathan Gomez 5th at 184

  6. Carlsbad 92.5 Jason Rivera 3rd at 115 Shehadeh Mitwalli 2nd at 140 Alexander Sanchez 6th at 147 Antonio Torres, 5th at 154 Luke Scattini 8th at 162, Luis Torres 1st at 287,

  7. Escondido 84.5 6th Place – Julian Rodriguez of Escondido at 122 Jesus Barajas 2nd at 147 Kenny Morris 4th at 154 Greg Sandoval 3rd at 184 Antonio Ramirez 7th at 197 Anthony Douglas 1st at 222

In the San Diego Division II Tournament that was held at Del Norte High School here are the reports on the following local area schools
Oceanside 12th with 51.5 Francis Arguelles 4th at 128, Jordan Smith 4th at 147 Chase Zundel 7th at 162 Shane Hansen at 184 Masher Hawkins 7th at 222
San Pasqual 14th with 47 Keenan Lawrence 7th at 154 Gavin Zierden 6th at 197
Fallbrook 15th with 39 Curtis Permito 7th at 134 Lance McNatt 5th at 147 Kaleb Beckman 5th at 287
The top 7 in each weight class will qualify for the Masters SDS Wrestling tournament that will be held at Olympian High School in Chula Vista, CA
In the CIF Division III San Diego Section, the Mavericks from Lacosta Canyon took a 2 hour trip near the California Arizona boarder at Brawley High School and finished 4th with 119 points.
Maverick performers:
108-Tyler Diedenhofen placed 7th
128-Joseph Curtis 4th place
134-Ben Houri 5th place
140-Adam Baker 2nd place
147-Aiden Delaney 3rd place
197-Chris Dixon 1st place
245-Jesus Morales 7th place
Orange Glenn finished in 11th place with 68 points.
Patriots Performers
Juan Diaz 4th at 108
Jared Stoneking 6th and 122
Andrew Vargas 6th at 140
Valentin Diaz 7th at 147
Kevin Martinez 4th at 152
Daniel Moran 8th at 162
Julian Garcia 7th at 172
Julian Banuelos 8th at 287

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Local Wrestlers Shine in Various San Diego Section Tournaments