Boys & Girls Clubs of America president/CEO visits Oceanside branch


Boys & Girls Clubs of America President and CEO Jim Clark (fourth from right) visits with Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside CEO Jodi Diamond (third from right) and local organization board members on April 4. (Courtesy photo)

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The president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Jim Clark, visited Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside on April 4 for an official visit and tour of the club.

Clark was on a tour visiting all Boys & Girls Clubs along the West Coast to show appreciation and support for the ongoing efforts that the clubs are doing for the youth we serve. Clark directs a 115-year-old network of 4,700 Boys & Girls Clubs that serve 4.6 million young people annually in all 50 states and on U.S. military installations worldwide.

Clark made a stop at Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside mid-day and met with Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside CEO Jodi Diamond; board members: Gigi Gleason, Pablo Holguin, Robbie Hass, and Tori Fishinger; Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito CEO Marineke Vandervort; and staff from Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside to tour the facility learn about new partnerships and congratulate the team for outstanding efforts in supporting our members in Oceanside.

North Coast Link logo.“What an honor to have Jim Clark visit Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside,” Diamond said. “I am so proud to share the work that our board and staff team do to make deep and lasting impacts with our Oceanside youth, R.O.A.D’s members, and our community.”

The Oceanside visit included a tour of the newly renovated gymnasium, which was impacted by an unexpected flood in 2022. The tour also included its state-of-the-art culinary arts teaching kitchen, which during the pandemic provided 55,000 homemade and nutritious meals free for any child under the age of 18. Clark was greeted with a video presented by its Real Options for Adults with Disabilities Program, welcoming Clark in American Sign Language. A catered lunch was prepared by the culinary staff and youth members.

In turn, board and staff members had an opportunity to hear about how the national office is supporting local clubs and the Oceanside Club directly. The visit ended with a presentation showcasing the successes and opportunities presented by Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside and Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito.

Clark praised the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside board and staff for their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of children in our communities.

“Thank you for what you are doing to help support in what’s happening here,” Clark said. “You all are doing great things.”

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