Group Protests Obama Visit to Camp Pendleton


Oceanside CA– A small group of demonstrators gathered on the Neptune St. overpass today, to protest the arrival of President Obama at Camp Pendleton.  Although the Neptune Street overpass is just one exit away from the off ramp to Camp Pendleton, on I-5, the President was not expected to travel past the demonstrators.
Some people drove to the protest from as far away as Upland and Santa Ysabel, CA. Tom Steffan made the trip to Oceanside from Ramona. Asked why he traveled so far when the President wasn’t going to see the protest he stated ” I oppose tyranny. Some people just ride in the boat while others pull the oars”  he continued ” the country has been taken over by the banks and we want to take it back.” The drivers passing by seemed to support what was happening on the overpass above them. Steffan said that he was getting about three honks to every one person flipping him the bird.
Brenda Sparks, of North, San Diego County has a more personal reason to attend the demonstration. Sparks said her son was murdered by an illegal alien who still resides in Whittier CA. She is opposed to the Presidents stance on amnesty for illegals and often attends events against amnesty.
Oceanside Police were at the event for a short time after someone called 911 to complain about the protest. Some protesters were a little nervous about the police presence saying they saw the video (link) of a similar protest in Fresno, on Monday, showing a CHP Officer shoving a demonstrator to the ground. Sgt. Marco Mendoza and Officer Rick Irwin explained to the demonstrators what they could and could not do with their signs for reasons of safety and left the protest.
One Obama supporter also attended the event. Derrick Celestine of Oceanside brought his sign of support to the event and was welcomed by the demonstrators to share his opinion as well, to the motorists below.
President Obama visited Camp Pendleton to thank the marines, sailors and their families for their service to the country. The stop was the last on a West Coast trip that included a visit with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Monday.