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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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11th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

OPD Color Guard, Rick Favela, Bill Weese, Gabriel Nolasco and Bob Moore

Oceanside CA— Yesterday, Wednesday January 28, 2015 the Oceanside Police Department held its 11th annual Member Recognition Luncheon at the QLN Conference Center. The event was a celebration recognizing staff, volunteers and members of the community for their outstanding achievements in 2014. The event was sponsored, in part, by Oceans Eleven and QLN.
Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy said it was quite a year, 2014 for the department” a lot of good accomplishments, a lot of good police work has been done.” continued the Chief ” what goes to the overall effort of everybody in this organization is there has been a drop in the crime rate, in 2014, of 9.6% in the city of Oceanside. That is tremendous.”
Chief McCoy said there has been over a 34% drop in gang crimes in the community “That is something.” exclaimed the Chief. He went over some of the highlights of the department for 2014 “That don’t get a lot of media attention but are so critical for us in our daily business as a police organization.”
In the Records Division:

  • The department processed 17,412 crime incident reports
  • They processed 18,355 citations
  • 7,050 cashier transactions totaling $833,233
  • 119 citizen local records checks
  • 7,504 record scans
  • 5,726 public record requests


  • Answered 93,423, 9-1-1 calls, up 26.5% over 2013
  • 98.32% of those calls were answered within 10 seconds
  • 270,795 non emergency calls, up 31%
  • 106,335 dispatched incidents, up 6%
  • Priority one calls were dispatched within 53 seconds

The Harbor Unit assisted Federal agencies in the largest seizure in maritime Southern California history of over 540 pounds of methamphetamine, 182 vessel assists, and harbor volunteers donated over 2,870 hours.

Traffic Division

  • Held 10 DUI checkpoints
  • 22 DUI Sweeps
  • Speed trailer deployed in 43 locations
  • Responded to 140 traffic complaints
  • Over 11,000 citations for speeding 10+ mph over the speed limit
  • Investigated 9 fatal traffic collisions with 5 turned over to the DA
  • Investigated over 90 hit and run incidents

K-9 Unit performed 20 demonstrations and the dogs were deployed 649 times “They are a great tool for us” said the Chief.
The following people were honored for their service. Many thanks to Oceanside Police Lieutenant Leonard Cosby and Stella Brandt for their assistance in compiling this information.

  • Senior volunteer, Volunteer and Professional staff- Page 2
  • Investigations, Field Op Employee- Page 3
  • Team Award- Page 4
  • Chiefs Citizen Commendations- Page 5
  • Life Saving Awards- Page 6
  • Officer Daniel Bessant Memorial Community Policing Awards- Page 7
  • DUI Officer, Tony Zepetella Award and Volunteer Awards- Page 8
  • Professional Staff and Officer of the Year- Page 9

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11th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon