A note to our readers


The new OsideNews front page. (OsideNews photo)


OsideNewsGreetings OsideNews readers:

As many of you know, OsideNews joined with the North Coast Current at the start of the year.

Between now and the end of September (earlier than was expected), OsideNews will transition to a dedicated news site through the North Coast Current. Starting today, OsideNews will post stories only to that new site, which you will find at northcoastcurrent.com/osidenews. You will likely notice that the new site does not have the osidenews.com domain, however. When the transition is complete, the osidenews.com domain will indeed be linked to the new site. Email newsletter updates will also return once OsideNews fully transfers to the new site.

OsideNews is not going anyway. But it will have a different look with full integration into the North Coast Current. OsideNews’ archives will be carried over, but that will likely be a longer process.

Thank you for your patience and continued readership as OsideNews adjusts to the North Coast Current’s presentation and production styles.

We apologize for any confusion this might cause in the meantime. The transition from the original site to the new site requires a series of steps to complete.

Roman S. Koenig
North Coast Current