Oceanside McDonald’s restaurants donate surplus food to local nonprofits


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News Release

OsideNewsMcDonald’s restaurants in Oceanside are donating surplus food in the restaurants to those in need.

Oceanside McDonald’s Owner/Operator Francisco Sanchez’s outlets have donated more than 1,923 meals worth of food to the Oceanside Salvation Army since January, including bakery items and cooked proteins such as chicken, beef, fish, sausage, bacon and eggs.

McDonald’s is partnering with Food Donation Connection, which connects restaurants with local nonprofit hunger relief organizations such as Salvation Army, which pick up and serve the food to those in need.

Food from McDonald’s is prepared for donation to nonprofits. (Courtesy image)
Food from McDonald’s is prepared for donation to nonprofits. (Courtesy image)

“Food insecurity is one of the largest issues facing those in our communities,” said Captain Liane Newcomb, corps officer for the Oceanside Salvation Army. “Through our food donation partners and community support we can supply our food pantries and meal programs to take steps to end hunger.”

Food insecurity is a problem across our country. According to the USDA, more than 38 million people in the U.S. were food insecure in 2020, including more than 6 million children, and on average, 133 billion pounds of food in the U.S. are wasted annually.

“As a local business owner, I’m proud to give back to the Oceanside community by partnering with Food Donation Connection,” Sanchez said.  “We are committed to supporting and caring for the local communities we serve.”

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