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Carlsbad Strawberry Fields measure to be debated on KOCT

North Coast Current

January 4, 2016

Carlsbad’s Measure A, an upcoming special election on the fate of proposed Strawberry Fields development, is the topic of a special Journalist Roundtable on Jan. 7 on KOCT, Oceanside’s community television station. The broadcast begins at about 7 p.m. following an hourlong general Journalist Roundtable...

Kent Davy: Time to cross the water-wise bridge

Kent Davy

August 3, 2013

Face it. San Diego is a semi-arid desert; it’s really North Africa on a different planet. But we don’t live like it. We tend to enjoy plush, landscaped yards (me, too; I’m guilty, as well) and think about water mostly when the rates go up. If we had to rely solely on fresh water from ...

Fewer homeless, but more to the story

Kent Davy

May 1, 2013

A verse in Matthew reminds us that “you will have the poor with you always” – the gospel writer is probably referring to the homeless, too. Even though a great many goodhearted people try to make sure there’s a roof over every head, it’s never going to work out for everyone. And that is ...

Bag ban could be law of unintended consequences

Kent Davy

April 2, 2013

Oh, Lordy, save us from ourselves. The well-intentioned bag ban talk is back. The solons of the city of Encinitas are considering imposing their wisdom on the rest of us by prohibiting stores from giving their shoppers goods in single-use polyethylene bags – all in the spirit of Michael “B...

Hilltop park offers many views to ponder

Kent Davy

March 1, 2013

On a clear day, you can see forever. Or sometimes it seems that way. On a warm Sunday afternoon recently, we hiked along the San Marcos ridgeline trails, starting just west of the Double Peak parking lot (a wonderful place, by the way, to see North County in 360 degrees), stepping around the north ...

The homeless count, no matter how bad the weather is

Kent Davy

February 1, 2013

I was the wheel man, Betsy navigated. We drove and peered through the steady flop of the windshield wipers, looking for the homeless in the dark, and with little success. It was a cold and rainy Friday morning (Jan. 25) – we and other volunteers started at 5 a.m. and counted until 8 a.m. – a...

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