Newspaper publisher extends greetings


The Encinitas Coast Dispatch’s first issue was published on Feb. 12, 1925.

North Coast Current

Editor´s Note: This was the first editorial published in the Encinitas Coast Dispatch on Feb. 12, 1925. It is reproduced here in full from the North Coast Current archives.

After a careful survey of the Southern California newspaper field we have located in this pleasant community of Encinitas as the one being most full of the promise of the future. Conferring with business men and property owners of Encinitas, Cardiff, Solano (sic) Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, South Coast Park, Carlsbad and Del Mar only confirmed and strengthened our first impressions, hence the decision to publish the paper, the first issue of which is spread before you, the Encinitas Coast Dispatch, which will be issued every Thursday.

With the initial number of the Encinitas Coast Dispatch, the editor wishes to express his great appreciation and gratification for the hearty and sincere welcome already extended to him by the hospitable of the San Dieguito Irrigation district, and to thank them for the generous and whole-hearted support extended him in the furtherance of this new enterprise.

The editor has come here to make his permanent home and he and his family are now residing in their own home recently erected in South Coast Park.

A complete newspaper and printing plan costing $5,000 has been installed and gives this section the best equipped printing plant on the South Coast.

The Encinitas Coast Dispatch will aim to further the interest of Encinitas and the entire South Coast district to the best of its strength and ability.

The Encinitas Coast Dispatch will be independent of politics and will stand for religious tolerance and freedom for all people. It will support our public schools, our churches and every American institution that has as its claim the welfare of the state and the nation.