OPINION: The kids aren’t all right; neither are the parents; here’s why

We would like to offer a response on behalf of a number of Cardiff School parents to the recent editorial piece entitled, “Cardiff’s kids are all right, but what about the adults?

The truth is there is a growing number of parents who “aren’t all right” about this project being hijacked by a small number of nearby “not in my backyard” residents who have the luxury of time and money to partake in the sport of litigation.

This vigilante group has continually morphed their argument using legalese and rhetoric to try and stop the project, which just so happens to sit smack dab in between their homes and their ocean view.

By continually moving the target, it has made it impossible (not to mention expensive) for the Cardiff School District to appease them, despite their best efforts. Once the district resolves one of the opposition’s issues, another one surprisingly (or maybe not-so surprisingly) crops up. It is a proverbial legal whack-a-mole and it is robbing our kids of the new school they deserve.

Now the opposition is claiming taxpayer waste, which is ironic since it is their very lawsuit that has caused a tremendous amount of taxpayer waste. Thousands upon thousands of dollars that could have been poured into school programming, supplies or enrichment for students have been diverted to fight this baseless lawsuit.

And now all construction on the school has been stopped until the issue can be sorted out in court. Meanwhile, our children go to school each day in a vacated construction zone and the district continues to shell out money to defend itself.

Let’s be honest — no one is paving paradise or turning Cardiff into a concrete jungle. This is not a Walmart or a strip mall. It is a modest and modern elementary school that will benefit our community’s youngest residents and will be a cornerstone of our community for the next century.
Drop the lawsuit and build the school.

Submitted by Cardiff Students First Alliance

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