Chesterfield Drive rail crossing in Cardiff reopens on schedule


Light traffic crosses the newly reopened Chesterfield Drive rail crossing at San Elijo Avenue in Cardiff on Jan. 23. (SANDAG courtesy photo)

North Coast Current

The Chesterfield Drive rail crossing at the San Elijo Avenue intersection in Cardiff is fully open, the San Diego Association of Governments announced Jan. 23.

The area had been closed most of January for projects to improve traffic flow and safety. The work was completed on schedule.

Crews installed bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements and new rail crossing infrastructure ahead of the city of Encinitas’ planned Quiet Zone, which would allow train engineers to sound train horns at their discretion when approaching the crossing.

In addition, several other improvements were made, according to SANDAG’s announcement:

A separated multi-use Class I bikeway and pedestrian path;
New disabled-accessible sidewalk and ramps;
New traffic signal and rail crossing equipment;
Modernized and enhanced crossing warning system;
Improved rail crossing signals and gates;
Additional safety signage.

The disabled-accessible sidewalk on the north side of the intersection connects with the Encinitas Coastal Rail Trail bikeway, which is expected to be complete later this spring, SANDAG reported. Signal improvements allow better coordination of vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as train crossings.

Intermittent construction work is still expected in the area as construction continues on the San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project and the Encinitas Coastal Rail Trail bikeway.

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