San Dieguito school district trustees vote to fire superintendent


Cheryl James-Ward. (Courtesy photo)

North Coast Current

San Dieguito Union High School District trustees voted to fire Superintendent Cheryl James-Ward during a Sunday meeting.

The unanimous vote on June 26 terminates James-Ward’s employment without cause, meaning no serious employee misconduct, effective Aug. 15. The trustees met at the San Dieguito High School Academy campus for about two hours in closed session after brief public comments.

James-Ward, who was hired by the Board of Trustees last October, faced ongoing public criticism following comments she made in April about Asian-American families and academic performance during an April 11 diversity training seminar.

As fallout from the comments continued to build, including calls for her resignation or dismissal, James-Ward was placed on paid administrative leave April 21.

In media reports, James-Ward and her attorney have said that she would likely file a lawsuit against the district related issues surrounding this and other board actions.

The comments involved representations of Asian-Americans and Asian immigrants, and equating wealth with academic success. They followed a question posed during a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion seminar, which was recorded by the district as part of a public presentation but then circulated on social media by James-Ward’s critics.

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