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Review: Juliana Hatfield Three prove they deserve brighter spotlight

The Juliana Hatfield Three perform to a modest but devoted crowd March 18 at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. (Photo by Layla Marino)

Layla Marino

April 20, 2015

Even in the 1990s, a period in indie music when there weren’t a lot of limits, Juliana Hatfield checked too many boxes to adhere to just one alt rock genre. Then again, she seemed like the Groucho Marx type anyway — she would never belong to a club that would have her as a member. That didn’t stop...

Review: Dead Kennedys’ punk style alive and relevant in 2015

The Dead Kennedys’ raucous show at the Belly Up on Jan. 15 in Solana Beach attracted viral attention online. (Photo by Jesus Ruiz)

Layla Marino

February 12, 2015

The Dead Kennedys are a punk band from the 1980s with near legendary status. From their iconic rune-inspired logo to the antics of frenetic frontman Jello Biafra, this loud, hardcore and marginally silly band represents the spirit of anarchy and rebellion that is endemic in the soul of every punk ro...

Review: Buzzcocks still rock at the Belly Up

Layla Marino

September 30, 2014

If the Buzzcocks show at the Belly Up in Solana Beach on Sept. 19 is anything to go by, punk rock is most certainly not dead. There is also, often, a worry with older bands on reunion tours as to whether they can still perform, whether they still have “it.” No worries with the Buzzcocks, however, a...

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