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Gaspar Encinitas’ first elected mayor; Blakespear on City Council; Prop. F fails

North Coast Current

November 5, 2014

Kristin Gaspar will serve as Encinitas’ first elected mayor, according to final returns from the Nov. 4 election. Catherine Blakespear will take a seat on the City Council, the returns show. Encinitas voters rejected Proposition F, a measure that sought to allow regulated medical marijuana dispensaries...

Current Q&A: Encinitas mayoral candidates discuss new post, pot shops, housing, pensions and media

Sandy Coronilla

October 17, 2014

For the first time in the city’s history, Encinitas residents will cast their votes to elect a mayor on Nov. 4. The five qualified candidates include independent journalist Alex Fidel, current Mayor Kristin Gaspar, writer and former City Council member Sheila Cameron, current Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz...

‘Pacific’ views differ among Encinitas mayoral candidates on property purchase

Gisela Lagos

October 13, 2014

Among the candidates for mayor for Encinitas, there is no dispute that the old Pacific View School property should be used for the community and that it should stay out of developers’ hands, but there is a large discrepancy among the candidates’ opinions on how the city’s pledge to purchase it...

Encinitas mayoral candidates stake their plots on urban farming issue

Gisela Lagos

October 13, 2014

Candidates in Encinitas’ first race for mayor each see agriculture as an integral part of the city, and as the city’s Urban Agriculture Subcommittee works to create an ordinance that speaks to urban farming, differences of opinion have taken root among the candidates. Candidate Alex Fidel is on one side of the issue, saying that agricultur...

For Prop. A: Initiative will help preserve community character

Sheila S. Cameron and Olivier Canler

May 11, 2013

Your “yes” vote on the Right to Vote Initiative, Proposition A, is the most important vote you will cast since we incorporated the city of Encinitas in 1986. Your vote will decide if Encinitas retains its small beach town ambiance or becomes a victim of high-rise buildings and urbanization. “No” on Propo...

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