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Preserved Home: Use your noggin and create your own eggnog

Skip store-bought eggnog and create your own holiday libation for family, friends and guests. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)
December 20, 2015

My eggnog drinking experience reminds me of the “Three Bears” story — one is too sweet, one is too rich, and the other one is devoid of any warm notes of spice. Until making eggnog myself, I hadn't...

Preserved Home: Look forward to the holidays by planning ahead

Stuffing for turkey can be made ahead of time as part of a pre-holiday planning strategy. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey Macklem)
November 11, 2015

One of the biggest challenges for the holiday host is spending time with guests while still meeting all the expectations of a holiday meal. And certainly, if you have out-of-town company, you aren’t...

Point of View: Call ‘85/15’ what it is, and let Carlsbad vote on it

A development and open-space plan on the south side of Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad is the subject of intense debate in the community. (Google Earth image)
September 6, 2015

There is no such thing as a shopping mall in harmony with nature. No matter what slick pseudo-campaign advertising tells you, such development is not in harmony with its environment. Yet that’s what...

Preserved Home: Homemade vinegar can be a real mealtime gift

Homemade vinegars can be a flavorful and economical way to brighten salads. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
September 3, 2015

My family doesn’t like store-bought salad dressing because it just tastes like oil with some flavoring. It drags the freshness of salad down, and there never seems to be enough flavor. I’m sure there...

Preserved Home: Make campouts a homey culinary treat

Survivor Stew, a recipe amended from the book “Recipes for Adventure,” allows you to pack a home-cooked meal for a campout. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
May 23, 2015

It’s been said the best part of camping is the memories. My family loves to camp, but the hassle that goes into getting everything there, and back, is frustrating. Remembering everything from dish soap...

Point of View: Housing mandate could doom Encinitas by design

High-density residential-commercial complexes such as MarketWalk in San Elijo Hills, pictured Feb. 8, might fit the master-planned community, but do they belong in Olivenhain? (North Coast Current photo)
California law has no room for community character
February 8, 2015

“Community character” is a phrase that’s been batted about for months as Encinitas debates the shape of its state-mandated Housing Element, a plan that requires an accounting of how the city is going...

Preserved Home: Today’s hot topic? Creative uses for jalapenos

You can preserve and use jalapeno peppers in several ways, from dried and powdered to candied. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
February 8, 2015

When you buy produce in bulk, you have to get creative. This is especially true when you buy 17 pounds of something which is used sparingly, such as jalapenos. My husband likes his food ultra-spicy,...

Preserved Home: Homemade pickled carrots make a tasty treat

Homemade pickled carrots are a way to introduce the vegetable to children. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
December 16, 2014

It’s always been my challenge to take a vegetable someone in my family doesn’t like and discover how to change their mind via an interesting recipe. I call them gateway recipes. For instance, I introduced...

Point of View: Bad crops growing at the ‘like farm’

November 28, 2014

I’ve never been one for popularity contests. I learned to be suspicious of them long ago in high school when I saw what kind of twits could be elected to student office. But I never really questioned...

Preserved Home: Putting up with potatoes

Cheeseburger twice baked potatoes is a potato recipe that freezes well and makes a wonderful light dinner alongside a salad or a fulfilling lunch. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
November 18, 2014

There is a domestic urban myth that potatoes don’t freeze well. Most everyone I know is under that impression, and is amazed when I tell them otherwise. With the holidays upon us, and potato sales at...

Point of View: Principals, principles and politics

November 7, 2014

This season’s election netted some interesting results, from the campaign for Encinitas’ first elected mayor to the unseating of a longtime high school board trustee. Are these contests — the...

Preserved Home: Butternut squash a sign of the season

Butternut squash can be a family favorite in dishes such as macaroni and cheese. (Photo by Laura Woolfrey-Macklem)
October 8, 2014

This week, I’m heading to the farmers market for a 50-pound case of butternut squash for $12. I buy in bulk to get a lower price, but since I only have a family of four, I must get creative. Thankfully,...

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