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EDITORIAL: Muir on the right side of Encinitas council vote

North Coast Current

January 12, 2017

What qualifies someone to be appointed to the Encinitas City Council? Two or three years living in the city with little public footprint outside a brief stint on the Parks and Recreation Commission. The one sitting council member to question this? Mark Muir.

EDITORIAL: Community character, experience lead endorsement picks

North Coast Current

November 6, 2016

The North Coast Current’s editorial leadership suggests the following candidates for several Nov. 8 races affecting the city of Encinitas. The nature of this year’s local campaign reflects some of what we’ve seen nationally, with preferred candidates taking positions on issues that are at odds with other aspects that make those candidates appealing.

EDITORIAL: ‘No’ on Encinitas Measure T

North Coast Current

November 1, 2016

The North Coast Current urges a “no” vote on Measure T for one reason: It’s time to call the state of California out on its misguided approach to shoving high-density development down communities’ throats.

EDITORIAL: Vote ‘no’ on county Measure B

North Coast Current

October 20, 2016

San Diego County residents will vote Nov. 8 on a landmark proposal that could change the face of rural inland communities in favor of big development, using the initiative process to push a single builder’s vision.

EDITORIAL: Vote ‘no’ on Carlsbad Measure A

North Coast Current

February 19, 2016

When the Carlsbad City Council and developer Caruso Affiliated used the initiative process to push for a shopping mall in 2015, they touted it as “open space the right way” through a measure they had no intention of ever seeing on a ballot. Now — as it should be — residents have the opportunity...

Editorial: Yost, Shaffer, Kranz for council; yes on K and L

North Coast Current

October 26, 2012

Not too long ago, the North Coast Current said it would opt out of offering Encinitas City Council endorsements. This philosophy is based on a movement by news media nationwide (San Diego not included) to avoid kingmaking and allow voters to make decisions based on information and analysis. However,...

Editorial: Who watches the watchdog?

North Coast Current

October 22, 2012

It’s bad enough that the local media market has virtually been taken over by ultra-conservative developer Douglas Manchester, relegating the daily North County Times and U-T San Diego (now one media outlet) to a platform for his political whims. But Coast News Publisher Jim Kydd? And hidden in plain...

Editorial: Shedding extra light on the election

North Coast Current

October 11, 2012

News outlets often endorse candidates for office that reflect the ownership’s vision of the community. This election season, however, the North Coast Current takes a different approach. As Election Day approaches, the Current offers the following points to ponder as you decide who will best lead the...

Editorial: Community is no fifth wheel

North Coast Current

May 28, 2012

The old Encinitas adage is apparently wrong – there is life east of Interstate 5. The community of New Encinitas is flexing its political muscles, and while it might be the fifth and arguably newest of the city’s communities, activists in the area are showing that it’s no fifth wheel. The communit...

Editorial: A new start in Encinitas

North Coast Current

April 7, 2012

History is turning an important page in Encinitas in wake of the announcement that the Paul Ecke Ranch is changing hands. It’s with that sense of history – and the future – that the North Coast Current relaunches its news production. Surely, we can expect a multitude of voices in the coming...

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