LETTER: Recycle your styrofoam in blue bins

I am the owner of Bety’s Tacos, and I recently joined other Encinitas restaurants in participating in a program called “Rinse and Recycle your Foam at Home.” We are encouraging our customers to recycle their foam take-out containers in their blue recycle bins if they live in the city of Encinitas. This includes all take-out boxes, plates, and cups made of polystyrene foam (commonly referred to as styrofoam) as long as they’re clean.

This is a really easy way to increase your recycling — once you finish your leftovers, wipe or rinse out the container and drop it in your blue recycle bin. Proper recycling reduces the amount of stuff that can become litter, which reduces trash in our parks and beaches.

Luis Gracida
July 14, 2015

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