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COMMENTARY: Finding story of Nemo highlights concerns over Caruso plan

Richard Riehl

February 18, 2016

A billionaire Los Angeles developer came to town planning to transform one of Carlsbad’s three lagoons into a magnet for tourist dollars. After winning the approval of local officials, he encountered a group of protesters bent on preserving the lagoon the right way. No, that’s not the story of...

Commentary: Can we tell the truth?

Teresa Arballo Barth and Lisa Shaffer

October 3, 2014

Although we have written and spoken about the importance of honesty and civility in our public discourse in the past, we feel compelled to speak out now because, in response to the current election campaign and the launch of our new, innovative Housing Element update process, some in our community are...

For Prop. A: Initiative will help preserve community character

Sheila S. Cameron and Olivier Canler

May 11, 2013

Your “yes” vote on the Right to Vote Initiative, Proposition A, is the most important vote you will cast since we incorporated the city of Encinitas in 1986. Your vote will decide if Encinitas retains its small beach town ambiance or becomes a victim of high-rise buildings and urbanization. “No” on Propo...

Against Prop. A: Planning process will be thrown into chaos

Tony Kranz

May 11, 2013

The “Right to Vote” initiative, now known as Proposition A, will be decided in a special election on June 18, and I urge you to vote no. Prop. A seems straightforward and simple to support: what could be wrong with letting the public ratify land-use policy changes that include upzoning? Howeve...

Perspective: How to reinvent yourself at any age


November 20, 2012

With the technological and cultural landscape in flux, many professional fields are undergoing rapid changes. Continually challenging yourself can help you achieve success, keeping you relevant as your chosen profession moves with the times. Long gone are the days when most Americans start a job and...

Commentary: Vote no on Prop. K

Teresa Arballo Barth

October 31, 2012

Proposition K – Shall the voters of the city of Encinitas directly elect a mayor and four City Council members? Sounds like a great idea. But is it? Most cities have a directly elected mayor. I would argue that Encinitas is not like most cities. Twenty-five years ago, residents of five very different...

Perspective: How to get your political opinion heard


September 14, 2012

For most Americans, politics can feel like a spectator sport, especially in an election year when so much news is devoted to the horse race. But there are many ways average citizens can take active and engaged roles in local, state and national politics. “We can’t just watch from the sidelines,”...

Commentary: Let residents decide land-use issues

Olivier Canler

August 16, 2012

For most participants, the process of updating the housing and land-use elements of the Encinitas General Plan has been frustrating and difficult. These elements must be resolved before the City Council can consider the overall General Plan Update. To engage the public in re-drafting the housing element,...

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