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City vs. citizens? Sides differ on perceptions of Encinitas housing suit

Encinitas homes are shown in this March 2018 aerial. (Photo by Ian McDonnell, iStock Getty Images)

Cameron Niven

November 6, 2019

The city of Encinitas recently filed a lawsuit against 100 unnamed defendants of a resident-backed group called Preserve Proposition A in a claim to clarify whether future housing plans need to be held for a public vote. The lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal squabbles between Encinitas, housing advocates and the state of California as the city’s latest housing element was deemed compliant under state housing law by the Department of Housing and Community Development on Oct. 10.

Commentary: Can we tell the truth?

Teresa Arballo Barth and Lisa Shaffer

October 3, 2014

Although we have written and spoken about the importance of honesty and civility in our public discourse in the past, we feel compelled to speak out now because, in response to the current election campaign and the launch of our new, innovative Housing Element update process, some in our community are...

State board OKs judgments in two Encinitas political complaints

North Coast Current

April 12, 2014

The state Fair Political Practices Commission voted to approve the filing of civil judgments in the cases of two Encinitas political committees active during 2012 and 2013 campaigns, according to a commission news release. In closed session, according to the Feb. 20 announcement, the commission approved...

Prop. A approval has a few twists

The Encinitas Right to Vote Initiative could shift approval of zoning changes from City Hall, pictured Feb. 8, to voters. (Photo by Roman S. Koenig)

Helen Hawes

July 16, 2013

Even after Proposition A’s win in a June 18 Encinitas special election, it appeared to be a game of numbers and letters to get the City Council to adopt and implement the measure, including one state Coastal Commission letter, one letter from a lawyer and a second and reversed Coastal Commission letter,...

Prop. A appears headed for slim victory

North Coast Current

June 18, 2013

Encinitas' Proposition A appeared headed for a slim victory Tuesday night with 100 percent of precincts reporting. The measure – which would impose a citywide height limit of two stories or 30 feet for all buildings and structures, among other major amendments to zoning – was ahead 51.52...

Early Prop. A results: Too close to call

North Coast Current

June 18, 2013

With the closure of the polls at 8 p.m. and ballot counts underway, Encinitas' Proposition A is a wash with a near 50-50 split based on early absentee ballot results. With about 3 percent of ballots counted, approval for Prop. A is ahead at 50.67 percent while "no" votes are 49.33 percent, according...

Polls open today for Prop. A vote

North Coast Current

June 18, 2013

Encinitas residents are voting today on whether to adopt Proposition A, The Encinitas Right to Vote Amendment. If approved, Prop. A would impose a citywide height limit of two stories or 30 feet for all buildings and structures, among other major amendments to zoning. Resident who plan to vote today...

Anti-Prop. A mailer stirs up flier flap

An anti-Prop. A flier distributed in mid-May frustrated some City Council members. (North Coast Current photo)

Helen Hawes

June 6, 2013

It’s a mystery. Finding an individual willing to take credit for the creation of a recent flier in opposition to Proposition A, on the ballot as The Encinitas Right to Vote Amendment, could be likened to pinpointing the sun in June gloom. A June 18 special election will decide the fate of Prop....

For Prop. A: Initiative will help preserve community character

Sheila S. Cameron and Olivier Canler

May 11, 2013

Your “yes” vote on the Right to Vote Initiative, Proposition A, is the most important vote you will cast since we incorporated the city of Encinitas in 1986. Your vote will decide if Encinitas retains its small beach town ambiance or becomes a victim of high-rise buildings and urbanization. “No” on Propo...

Against Prop. A: Planning process will be thrown into chaos

Tony Kranz

May 11, 2013

The “Right to Vote” initiative, now known as Proposition A, will be decided in a special election on June 18, and I urge you to vote no. Prop. A seems straightforward and simple to support: what could be wrong with letting the public ratify land-use policy changes that include upzoning? Howeve...

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