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Del Mar filmmaker Sue Vicory emphasizes the Power of One

Del Mar filmmaker Sue Vicory, currently in production on the Web series “My Power of One,” is one of the guests at the live taping of the 100th episode of the “The IntelleXual Podcast” June 14 at the Grand Horton Theatre in San Diego. (Photo by Carla Van Wagoner of IntelleXual Entertainment)

Amanda Rhoades

September 30, 2015

When her kids went off to college, Sue Vicory didn’t settle into retirement. Instead, she asked herself who she wanted to be in the second part of her life. The answer was a documentary filmmaker. Vicory, a Del Mar-based filmmaker, will embark on a cross-country road trip early next year to promote...

Point of View: Bad crops growing at the ‘like farm’

Roman S. Koenig

November 28, 2014

I’ve never been one for popularity contests. I learned to be suspicious of them long ago in high school when I saw what kind of twits could be elected to student office. But I never really questioned whether I was naive about them. Until now. Late in October, I took part in the Four Points Fi...

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