News online for Encinitas, Calif.

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News online for Encinitas, Calif.

North Coast Current

News online for Encinitas, Calif.

North Coast Current

Point of View: All the news that’s fit to copy and paste

Roman S. Koenig December 14, 2022
Encinitas has an odd reputation for being a home base of questionable news websites. Since 2021, we have a third — and it’s troublesome enough that the city of Encinitas has put a disclaimer about it in the footer of its own website.

Point of View: What does it mean for a reporter to take a ‘hit’ for the team?

Roman S. Koenig November 7, 2022
A threat against a journalist for attempting to take the temperature of local politics warrants exposure and response.
The North Coast Current of Encinitas and OsideNews of Oceanside combined operations on Feb. 22. (North Coast Current graphic)

Point of View: History guides union of North Coast Current and OsideNews

Roman S. Koenig March 26, 2022
The North Coast Current and OsideNews will continue a mission that was started 10 years ago. As the publisher, the lessons of history will be my guide.
A development and open-space plan on the south side of Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad is the subject of intense debate in the community. (Google Earth image)

Point of View: Call ‘85/15’ what it is, and let Carlsbad vote on it

Roman S. Koenig September 6, 2015

There is no such thing as a shopping mall in harmony with nature. No matter what slick pseudo-campaign advertising tells you, such development is not in harmony with its environment. Yet that’s what...

High-density residential-commercial complexes such as MarketWalk in San Elijo Hills, pictured Feb. 8, might fit the master-planned community, but do they belong in Olivenhain? (North Coast Current photo)

Point of View: Housing mandate could doom Encinitas by design

Roman S. Koenig February 8, 2015

“Community character” is a phrase that’s been batted about for months as Encinitas debates the shape of its state-mandated Housing Element, a plan that requires an accounting of how the city is going...

Point of View: Bad crops growing at the ‘like farm’

Roman S. Koenig November 28, 2014

I’ve never been one for popularity contests. I learned to be suspicious of them long ago in high school when I saw what kind of twits could be elected to student office. But I never really questioned...

Point of View: Principals, principles and politics

Roman S. Koenig November 7, 2014

This season’s election netted some interesting results, from the campaign for Encinitas’ first elected mayor to the unseating of a longtime high school board trustee. Are these contests — the...

Point of View: Locals in spotlight to revive film commission

Roman S. Koenig October 3, 2014

Our region is in need of a film commission, and thanks to the efforts of some key players on the North Coast, we just might see it go from script to screen. County Supervisor Dave Roberts (a former...

Point of View: Encinitas and the snob effect

Roman S. Koenig August 1, 2014

To anyone who has lived in Encinitas more than 20 years, it’s very likely they’ve observed a remarkable change in the culture and attitude of the city. Impatient drivers on El Camino Real who try...

Point of View: Urban farm tiff has quite a plot

Roman S. Koenig June 13, 2014

Encinitas’ long, rich history of agriculture has lost out to crops of so-called “McMansions” over the years, but patches of that past tradition continue to hold ground in the city’s urbanized environment....

Point of View: School’s in session this political season

Roman S. Koenig April 11, 2014

Rocks, sand and a glass container. Encinitas City Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar brought teaching tools and a lesson plan for her portion of the State of the City address on April 4 at the Community Center....

Is there a punch line to Encinitas politics?

Roman S. Koenig June 3, 2013

I first learned that Encinitas politics was nasty business when the punches were thrown. Literally. The realization hit me – figuratively – when I was attending a community business meeting in 2002....

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