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Education Matters: Advocating for transgender rights

Marsha Sutton

June 27, 2020

Gender identity, as apart from assigned sex at birth, is a real thing. Attempts to deny this only serve to divide us and create hostility against “the other.” As one wise person said when asked how they felt about “the other,” the reply was, “We are all human. There is no ‘other.’”

Living Creatively: ‘There is no one like you in the universe’

Barbara Basia Koenig

June 5, 2020

Your voice, your presence, your place in the scheme of things will be etched forever in the annals of these times.

Education Matters: Restricting public participation

Marsha Sutton

June 3, 2020

Of all the issues that have arisen recently in the San Dieguito Union High School District, it’s fair to say the grading policy was one of considerable importance to the community. On this issue, the public was denied its right to address the board in a fair and transparent manner.

Education Matters: Grading policy at San Dieguito ignites community

Marsha Sutton

May 20, 2020

The San Dieguito Union High School District’s Board of Trustees, students and parents should have been involved in the district’s credit/no credit grading discussion from the beginning, rather than the superintendent rolling it out without seeking more feedback from stakeholders.

Education Matters: Scorning the public’s right to be heard

Marsha Sutton

May 20, 2020

By violating the basic rules of California’s Brown Act in its ill-advised attempt to control the number of public speakers, the San Dieguito Union High School District board has taken away the public’s right to address its elected officials.

Living Creatively: Be at peace

Rain. (Jan Fillem, Unsplash)

Barbara Basia Koenig

January 4, 2020

We have within us a kind of spiritual anchor, an innate inner peace or presence of mind that is always accessible to us if we learn to cultivate it, as we do a sense of humor. Our presence of mind can withstand any adversity if we understand our place in the scheme of things. We can contribute to the chaos around us, or we can be an island of peace within it, somewhat like being in the eye of the storm. We can attain this inner tranquility through practice of presence.

Living Creatively: Find your personal space, and a ‘third place’

Third space. (Danielle MacInnes, Unsplash)

Barbara Basia Koenig

February 17, 2019

One way to live more peacefully and creatively is to set personal boundaries. We can view a personal boundary as a field of energy around us that we set through intention. We intentionally set a standard we intend to live by, and choose what influences we will allow, and not allow, to influence us. These influences affect our peace of mind and attainment of goals.

Living Creatively: Find your sanctuary within

Barbara Basia Koenig

June 28, 2016

Often we get so busy or feel so trapped by all the things that need to be done, we forget that we need to take care of ourselves, as well, and deserve the same attention and care we reserve for important projects, duties, obligations and chores. Some of us, however, are limited by circumstances that do not allow for time away to experience a connection with nature that we long for and need.

Living Creatively: Get to know yourself; get to know others

Barbara Basia Koenig

August 23, 2013

Once, while shopping at the supermarket, I noticed a baby staring at another baby, who stared back. Nothing else seemed to matter to either of them, until they were finally wheeled out of each other’s sight. Later I visited an art gallery and saw some figure studies which consumed my attention, bec...

Warm memories can help make this summer joyful

Barbara Basia Koenig

June 13, 2013

For many of us, summer comes with a host of happy memories recalling its lazy, hazy days of play and adventure. The summer season offers a delightful time to make happy memories to last for a lifetime of remembrance. Somewhere in your bank of stored fond memories is a place, a time, when you were del...

Deciphering the mysteries of dreams takes interpretation

Barbara Basia Koenig

March 26, 2013

Horoscopes are a very popular source of advice for many who enjoy astrology. My morning routine includes reading the daily horoscope, and I read two sources to get a broader view. One day recently, the first source said, “Resist being mysterious.” The second source said, “Stay a little mysterious...

Expect challenging, enriching year of the snake

Barbara Basia Koenig

February 10, 2013

Happy New Year, and welcome to the Chinese new year of the Black Water Snake on Feb. 10. Before you throw the covers over your head and decide to sleep this one out, let’s look on the bright side. The world did not come to an end with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar on Dec. 21. We did not go ov...

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