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The Big C: Kane to come out swinging in 2013

Longtime local performer Candye Kane is setting her sights on a new album and tour this year. (Courtesy photo by Alan Mercer)

Stephen Rubin

January 17, 2013

“I have to eat toast while I talk to you. I wake up nauseated in the morning. If I don’t eat toast right away, I throw up.” Singer spewing during an interview? Yeah, probably not unprecedented. But Oceanside blues belter Candye Kane possessed a solid excuse for munching on heated bread during a Jan. 7 chat. In May, she underwent the second surgery related to her bout...

Prevailing Wind: Band finds engaging blend

Trouble in the Wind band members Trevor  Mulvey and Kyle Merritt are shown during a performance. (Courtesy photo)

Stephen Rubin

December 12, 2012

There is nothing odd about a 23-year-old from Carlsbad finding comfort in Hank Williams before a walk by the beach. That’s especially so if the aforementioned Williams listener – talkin’ Senior now, not Junior – belongs to Trouble in the Wind, a quartet whose saloon-ready mix blends rock w...

Mary Fleener lives art on the edge

Artist Mary Fleener works on a piece depicting the Surfing Madonna mosaic in her studio at her home in Encinitas. (Photo by Scott Allison)

Ken Pagano

August 18, 2012

It takes a person less than the time it would take to toast a slice of bread to realize Mary Fleener is anything but bland. Talented. Political. Fiery. These are the words people used to describe her. Fleener attributes her independent streak to role models she had early in life. “My mom worked...

Comic Fest goes back to basics

Ken Pagano

August 18, 2012

It’s been dubbed “Comic-Con unplugged.” A smaller, more intimate convention where attendees and professionals can mingle, swap stories and share the same patio table for a bite without Bruiser the bodyguard cracking his knuckles and staring down fans to stay in line. Likened to watching a...

Comic-Con local snapshot: All in a week’s work

Comic-Con local snapshot: Artist Scott Saw

Roman S. Koenig

July 16, 2012

Given San Diego Comic-Con International’s status as a major pop-culture hub for movies, television and comics, it might be easy to overlook the numbers of independent artists and entrepreneurs who count the annual event as part their bread and butter. Among those this year was Cardiff-by-the-Sea...

Artist pins hopes on expanding work


Ernesto Lopez

June 25, 2012

Cardiff-by-Sea artist Scott Saw, 41, is taking a leap of faith. For the first time in nearly 15 years of creating art by night, he has gone full-time. “It’s a very tricky time to go full-time with the addition of my second son, but I am very passionate about what I am doing,” Saw said. The San D...

The courtship of ‘Father Eddie’: Local film producers seek sponsors for project

The local producers of the feature film “Father Eddie” plan to start shooting the project in August. (Courtesy photo)

Lauren Ciallella

May 31, 2012

There’s no question that the priesthood could use some positive press nowadays, and that’s why Father Eddie is counting on San Diego’s tight-knit community to help bring this story to light. “Father Eddie,” a feature film about an unemployed telemarketer who pretends to be a priest for a...

CROLOS colored by artist’s life experiences

San Diego artist Isaias Crow at his studio home shows one of 17 large pieces he will be exhibiting at Santos Fine Art Galleries in Encinitas. The exhibit is called CROLOS and it will run April 7-30. (Photo by Ernesto Lopez)

Ernesto Lopez

April 7, 2012

His first full art collection has been a long time coming for San Diego artist Isaias Crow. He is showing 17 large pieces at Santos Fine Art Galleries in Encinitas. He created the show over the last two months out of his home studio. He named it CROLOS, a graffiti-style collection with positive affirmati...

Diversity marks Street Fair music scene

David McAtee

April 10, 2009

The Encinitas Street Fair is upon us again this spring, bringing with it a tight cross section of local music — from ambient-based indie rock to bluegrass and world music. The fair takes place the weekend of April 25 and 26, and brings not only great local music, but impressive local beer as well. According...

Music muse: Meeting Mraz

Musician Jason Mraz (right) and author Tawny Maya McCray at Mraz’s Oceanside home. (Photo courtesy of Tawny Maya McCray)

Tawny Maya McCray

February 16, 2009

Five months, ago I was grooving to his CD on a car trip to Palm Springs and now here I was sitting in his home studio sharing some “superfood” with Jason Mraz.“If you’ve never had a golden berry, I recommend you reach your hand in here and take one,” Mraz said, offering up a handful of berri...

Dylan among Howls’ influences

The Howls perform at Kensington Club on Jan. 17. From left: John Cooper, Dave Gargula (on drums, obscured) and Caleb Chial. (Photo by Scott Landheer)

Scott Landheer

February 16, 2009

Since their first public performance less than a year ago, local band The Howls have been making a name for themselves playing venues throughout North County and San Diego. Made up of John Cooper, 23, on vocals, guitar and the occasional harmonica, Dave Gargula, 20, on drums and Caleb Chial, 20, on bas...

Musician’s journey ‘complete inspiration’

John Hall on drums (left), Lance Jeppesen on bass (center) and Joseph Angelastro on guitar perform Nov. 13 at E Street Cafe in Encinitas. (Photo by Scott Landheer)

Scott Landheer

November 25, 2008

Joseph Angelastro started playing viola when he was in the fourth grade, but only because the lessons got him out of class. That first step into music would eventually lead him to North County with a personal quest to keep jazz alive. At the age of 11, Angelastro picked up the guitar. Even then, it...

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