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Gaspar Encinitas’ first elected mayor; Blakespear on City Council; Prop. F fails

North Coast Current

November 5, 2014

Kristin Gaspar will serve as Encinitas’ first elected mayor, according to final returns from the Nov. 4 election. Catherine Blakespear will take a seat on the City Council, the returns show. Encinitas voters rejected Proposition F, a measure that sought to allow regulated medical marijuana dispensaries...

‘Pacific’ views differ among Encinitas mayoral candidates on property purchase

Gisela Lagos

October 13, 2014

Among the candidates for mayor for Encinitas, there is no dispute that the old Pacific View School property should be used for the community and that it should stay out of developers’ hands, but there is a large discrepancy among the candidates’ opinions on how the city’s pledge to purchase it...

Point of View: Locals in spotlight to revive film commission

Roman S. Koenig

October 3, 2014

Our region is in need of a film commission, and thanks to the efforts of some key players on the North Coast, we just might see it go from script to screen. County Supervisor Dave Roberts (a former Solana Beach city councilman) and Encinitas arts Commissioner Francine Filsinger (who serves on the board of directors of San Diego Filmmakers) have joined a growing chorus calling for a sequel to the region’s now-shuttered film commissi...

Cool on the Coast: October’s the month for brew and boo

Layla Marino

October 2, 2014

October is a very busy month in the region. The ghoulish fun of Halloween officially kicks off the holiday season with haunted houses and trails throughout the month, and there are plenty of harvest festivals, both family-friendly and a little more adult tinged. Being a bastion of beer and microbrew...

Preserved Home: Use your melon — preserve it

Preserved Home: Use your melon — preserve it

Laura Woolfrey-Macklem

July 16, 2014

Summer is in full swing, and that means experimenting with my dehydrator. I have two dehydrators, and they will be running all summer and fall. With this versatile kitchen tool, I preserve fruits, vegetables, meat and even grains. One of my most unique put-ups is dehydrated watermelon. I enjoy maki...

North County cities agree to work together to bolster business in region

North County cities agree to work together to bolster business in region

Alex Groves

April 5, 2014

Five North County cities are set to unveil a marketing campaign in late May as part of their official effort to promote North County as a positive regional entity for prospective businesses, and those surrounding the project say it stands to positively impact the region in a noticeable way. The cities...

Artist pins hopes on expanding work

Artist pins hopes on expanding work

Ernesto Lopez

June 25, 2012

Cardiff-by-Sea artist Scott Saw, 41, is taking a leap of faith. For the first time in nearly 15 years of creating art by night, he has gone full-time. “It’s a very tricky time to go full-time with the addition of my second son, but I am very passionate about what I am doing,” Saw said. The San D...

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